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Upload TLDR: Source files for a NPC Mod for Ark Survival Evolved
-This mod aims to help you the prospective modder create a simple NPC Humanoid Dino Character. -You can take the source modify and re-upload to your liking.

Q – How do I use this?
     2. Extract to Epic Games\ARKDevKit\Projects\ShooterGame\Content\Mods

Q – What is this and what is the purpose?
A – This a ready to upload NPC Mod, for modders who are interested in creating NPC’s for Ark Survival Evolved

Q – What are your future plans?
A – As you explore the mod you will see logic is broken up into multiple levels (1-3), currently available is the level 1-easy-to-do-no-hassle-bug-free logic, depending on how popular this gets; level 2-3 will be provided later on.

Q – Any legal requirements for using your source?
A – Just give me credit and a link to the original workshop page when you re-upload your own custom variation to the workshop.

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