New Ark Steampunk Crop Plot

New Ark Steampunk Crop Plot

   New Ark Steampunk Crop Plot

With the introduction of Ark Steampunk Mod becoming an Official Sponsored Mod we have decided to work on a multi-growing crop plot. This crop plot was model by B.Cheers which also apart of the sponsored mod program and will be modelling all the new items in the mod.

New Ark Steampunk Crop PlotNew Ark Steampunk Crop Plot

The New Ark Steampunk Crop Plot will give u the ability to grow multiple plants at once as well as will give you green house effect which will produce them at a high right. And if you think we didn’t think of it they will also be refrigerated inside the crop plot and power by steam, which is produced by water. So expect new items here on our website weekly!
New Ark Steampunk Crop Plot

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