Ark Steampunk Patch v1.6

Ark Steampunk Patch v1.6

Video Created & Directed by: MAVE

Patch v1.6.0 comes to you today crammed with new content, with the introduction of Steampunk Organ, Outhouse, Teleport, Sword, Shield, and Mallet! Tons of Bug Fixes!



Steampunk Organ

Using key 1 through 8 on your keyboard you can now play tunes and melodies and if its a hit we will plan on adding more octaves at the communities request!




Steampunk Outhouse

Every wanted your Character not to poop while out and about well we got a remedy for you! Now use the outhouse and poop inside a privately seal outhouse as well put thatch inside the outhouse and produce fertilizer over time!



Steampunk Powered Teleporter

The long await teleporter is finally here! Crafted in the Construction yard this machine will need a power matrix to power as well as u can teleport any where in the world!


Steampunk Shield, Sword, and Mallet! have also been added as well as the following bug fixes!

  • Hotair Balloon Speed Bug Fixed
  • Copper Door and frame alignment fixed
  • Stove placing on raft losing collision fix
  • Steampunk Drill not working when out of rendering range fixed
  • Steampunk Armor Repair Adjusted
  • Fix Armor Durability
  • Rough diamonds crafting now gives u 15 instead of 7
  • Fix Exploit with Grinding snow balls
  • Fix Floor mesh being invisible under it
  • Fix Icebox Crash


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