Indominus Rex Source Files

These files were release for public use a few years ago by King. Files include all blueprints and creature files and animations. Download:Source Files Source Files

Structures Plus (Open Source)

These are the Source files for the most subscribe mod in Ark. With these files helping tool to make items for the Ark game. Thanks...

Dino Pick Up Mod (Open Source)

This Mod allows you to make any dino/creature in ark to be picked up and put back down. With these source file u can...

Ark Steampunk Mod Update Is Out!

Ark Steampunk Mod hissssss Snap twang Clang Never mind that steady Whirr of what may be gears. Introduced to your ears are sounds from another time. Something that just doesn't quite add...

Steampunk Modtacular Update

Are you guys ready for the Steampunk Modtacular Update!? I know i am! @survivetheark @ComplexMinded @CudaCores @ZenRowe @Jatheish @bubblywums #Steampunkmod #steampunk #MadeWithUnreal #UE4 #Arkmodding #ArkModProgram #playARK #ArkModContest #indiedev

Adding Day Cycle Manager – Add global AB Buff – Paint Water Lilys, & Algea

In this Map tutorial Exilog explains how to add your own custom Day Cycle manager as well as adding a globe buffs, he also...

NPC Open Source Mod

Open Source NPC Test Upload TLDR: Source files for a NPC Mod for Ark Survival Evolved -This mod aims to help you the prospective modder create...

Algae Plane Tutorial

Trappel Algae Plane Tutorial How to create your own algae plane for lakes/rivers in the Ark Devkit