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Dino Pick Up Mod (Open Source)

This Mod allows you to make any dino/creature in ark to be picked up and put back down. With these source file u can allow creature/actor in ark to be picked up and put down.

How to use:

Simply craft the *Dino Pick Up* and remote use it in your creature’s inventory. Then select “Pick Up” from the dino’s radial menu. Dinos with built structures on their platforms can’t be picked up.

To throw the dino off from your shoulder you must double tap the “F” key or the “Reload” key (default “R”) if you are riding another dino.

Config Settings:
Place these at the bottom of your GameUserSettings.ini (For servers, it has to be on the server)


In this option you list the dinos that you want to PREVENT from being picked up. Write the descriptive name (display name for the dino class) of each dino and separate them with a comma. The name needs to be an EXACT match in order to disable the dino. Example:

DisabledDinos=Rock Drake,Giganotosaurus,Allosaurus


Thanks to Judqment8 for making this mod open source.

Download: DinoPickUpMod Files

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