Algae Plane Tutorial

Trappel Algae Plane Tutorial How to create your own algae plane for lakes/rivers in the Ark Devkit  

Building our First Mod in the Devkit

The mod is simple but it leaves a lot of room for us to expand and polish it in the future. (And we will) You...

Ark Devkit Data, Logic, and Inheritance

To better facilitate some of this I recommend changing the names of some things I did in the video. We'll go with a magic...

Getting Started With the Ark Devkit

Welcome to the first installment of Wildcard Workshop! Where I bring you tutorials, tips & tricks, and best practices for modding. Today we’re going to be...

Exilog Ark Map Tutorials

Section 1 – Poison Trap, Zipplines, Aberration Buffs Exilog has a new tutorial series to answer some of the unanswered questions that members of the ark...

NEW Steampunk Ankylo Armor

Ankylo Armor Preview Steampunk Ankylo Armor Preview Ever had ur favorite ark dino you ever tame just become worthless? We are taking original Ark dinos and...

Steampunk Adventures Maps & Locations

Steampunk Adventures Maps & Locations The Island               The Center               Ragnarok

Hologram Material – Ark Devkit Material Tutorial

Hologram Material - Ark Devkit Material Tutorial                         Download: HologramMat.Rar (Extract into the mods folder and move)