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How It All Started..

Steampunk lore

How It All Started..

When the first series of men and women first woke up on the island they knew their lives would never be the same and as those humans grew from their wood and thatch homes they understood that in order to survive they must advance beyond just wood structures. Stone seemingly offered the best protection, but others were looking into stronger methods and materials. Even the most experienced survivor feared the fabled Giganotosaurus. It’s jaws rumored to be able to chew through stone like paper. However, as more new and dangerous creatures began populating the island, the survivors were pressured into action, to survive they must advance technologically. How they wanted to accomplish this task was fought over for months. Many survivors believed that this island was a lie and they refused to follow the clear path laid out in front of them, those survivors became known as The Inventors, and their leader, a man who is known simply as Dr. Oswald led the Inventors to develop and fabricate new and improved devices that proved the clear cut path the island had given them was not the only one.

These machines were powered by primarily steam or by burning various materials at extreme temperatures, these were constructed of alloys greater than the standard iron or steel and allowed The Inventors to acquire the common resources of the island with much less effort than the others. But their adventure was far from over, one of the Inventors came home with massive deep slashes and their metal armor torn to ribbons. Another terrifying creature had arrived on the island, known as the Therizinosaurus. As more and more people came home with shredded armor and flesh, the Inventors decided enough was enough. If they wanted to survive this new threat they needed stronger more durable armor then the steel they had been using. Dr Oswald, within days of hearing the new creatures arrival had already built a prototype suit of armor. After ensuring its full functionality he then released his blueprints to the public and was hailed as a savior. As Dr. Oswald grew in age he developed more advanced structures allowing the Inventors to live peacefully among the terrors of the Island. One of which is known as a Pulse Turret, it was designed to repeal creatures non-violently as oppose to murdering them. Another was a hot air balloon that allowed the Inventors to achieve a closer study of wild creatures that populate the island.

However, his most famous device he had announced was originally intended as a handheld device capable of long range dematerialization and materialization, or more commonly known as a Teleporter. Due to the amount of power required this idea was scrapped and instead replaced with a stationary platform rather than a handheld device. Yet sadly before Oswald could perfect this device he succumbed to his age and died. However, where he died his legacy did not. Dr. Oswald will forever live in the hearts and minds of every Inventor. His creations will forever echo his legacy. The Inventors, however, wanted to set his legacy in stone, a statue of him in his prime was built to honor him and all of his work. Fashioned of only the strongest copper-steel alloys, it will test the sands of time by standing tall until the end of days.

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