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Oswald Weekly #1


Oswald Weekly

Oswald Weekly #1

Greetings Steampunkers! It’s Doctor Oswald and today in today’s Oswald Weekly I’m going to give you an update about what’s going on with my glorious inventions.

So currently we are working heavily on optimization and guess what!?

The teleporter finally works my friends, It seems there was a problem with the transportation drive and whenever a person would go through. YOU WOULD BE IN THE CENTER OF THE ISLAND! I knew I should of never allowed felix to try and fix it!

Steampunk Teleporter

But don’t worry steampunkers! You will soon see my glorious creations of beast and metal come to life! MUHAHAHA! I mean nothing, I mean nothing at all. YOU DIDN’T HEAR ME SAY THAT!

There will also be new structures coming in my friends, You need more building pieces to make more amazing steam bases of glorious power as well as some new forges, and don’t worry farmers, you will get your crop plots too but you must be patient.

There will also be new items which can be crafted… like leather which you will be able to make from hide! OH BOY!

But this is the weekly Oswald Log! Tune in every week to get new updates about upcoming things! As always! Keep Inventing Steampunkers!

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